New Novel in the Raw

Dear Readers,

What the heck is a novel in the raw?

Simply, it’s a novel inchoate, inchoate even though it has undergone several revisions and still isn’t there. And maybe it will never be there. That is, unless you read along and offer up your own suggestions for improving it, for bringing more cohesion to it.

So with that in mind, over the next several weeks we will post small sections. Read them. Comment on them. Or hold your comments until you have a better sense of the novel.

To help you put the novel in focus, here’s the briefest of summaries as to what it is about. And note that even the title Flipped is but a working title. Nothing here is cast in concrete, not even the title.

Flipped is about a woman with children in distress because she comes to believe that for some reason unknown to her, her husband is trying to kill you. Why and how reveals itself by the end.

Feel free to comment as you see fit. Recommend the project to your friends and have them comment as they like. Of course, most appreciated would be constructive criticism. As those of you who have written novels know, it takes a while to write a long piece. Who wants to chuck such an effort if there’s even a glimmer of life in the manuscript?

That said, look for it to begin appearing on Monday, February 6, and on every subsequent Monday throughout the year 2017.

Thanks in advance for taking part in what we hope will be a fun and productive project. w/c


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