New Novel: Secrets of the Lottery Winner

Would You Go Off the Rails if You Won a Lottery

Beginning Monday, June 6, a new serialized novel titled Secrets of the Lottery Winner. Here’s what to look forward to:

Sudden wealth bestows upon a hapless man success, sex, and a startling revelation.

Gari Garibaldi is a typical guy. He struggles in a difficult marriage, having fallen out of love with his wife and grown unhappy with his borderline existence. He trudges to an ad agency job, where he is resentful of the boss and unfulfilled as the shoe account guy.

Then he wins a state lottery, not the biggest jackpot, but enough to change his life completely. Contemplating his win between the lottery office and his home, he succumbs to the notion of keeping his good fortune secret from everyone, including his wife Emily, with whom he decides to share his pot of gold on his own terms.

His decision proves fateful and supercharged with fantasy, as he encounters the lascivious banker Catherine Lourdes, establishes a second life in Los Angeles where he surrenders to the perfect California woman Loretta Heavencrest, plunges into a Jamaican adventure where he stumbles into the clutches of Patty Pink and her gang of bungling revolutionaries, and then rockets to the top of his profession as the rainmaker in his ad agency and head of its newly established West Coast Division. His concocted new world comes to a fiery end at the Beverly Hills Hotel when everybody important in his life meet at a, literal, Hollywood bash. w/c


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