Good Times for Jack Reacher Fans

Make Me

By Lee Child

For most people, curiosity about a town’s name leads to little more than a few questions before moving on. Not in Jack Reacher’s world. All Reacher wanted to know was why a town surrounded by wheat fields and nothing else was named Mother’s Rest. So, he stepped off the train and into another violent adventure.

In a nothing speck of a town, he meets ex-FBI agent, now private eye Michelle Chang. She’s searching for an associate who seems to have vanished in Mother’s Rest. Something about the situation intrigues Reacher, and plenty of that something is Chang. Reacher decides to hang around and render what aid he can. Then he decides to become more involved both in the case and with Chang. Turns out there’s more to Chang’s missing partner and the town of Mother’s Rest than meets the eye, and none of it is pretty, except for Chang, of course.

This adventure takes Reacher and Chang not only to a chain of cities, Oklahoma City, L.A., and Chicago, but also into the nether world of the Deep Web, a universe of 0s and 1s jam to jowl with people hunting for lots of the bad stuff life has to offer. As always with Reacher novels, we readers get an education, in this outing in the aforementioned Deep Web, suicide, and the brutally inhuman tastes of some people. Along the way, Reacher also dispenses what some may find helpful information on home defense measures involving the number and placement of weapons in one’s domicile.

All in all, a very satisfying outing for Reacher fans, with Jack in fine smart aleck form and deadly and merciless as ever. Here he also gets to exercise his romantic muscle but not to the degree that it slows down the action. w/c


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