A Movie for Everybody Tonight

Galaxy Quest (Parisot, 1999)

Looking for an action movie, a comedy, and a space adventure all rolled into one with a stellar cast that will appeal to all that will go well with popcorn and pizza. Look no further than Galaxy Quest.

What can we say? We loved Galaxy Quest the first time we saw it, and love it as much after watching it for about the dozenth time the other night.

While it parodies Star Trek, you don’t have to be a Trekkie to enjoy it.

For younger viewers, it holds up as a good SyFy with plenty of action and laughs.

Older ones who’ve been through the mill of life can easily identify with the theme: what do I do for a second act?

Even watched many times, you’ll still find yourself laughing at how a troupe of out-of-work actors transport to another galaxy, help save a trusting and naive people from an evil menace set on their extermination, and win back a revival of their space opera TV series.

It just never gets old. Take a look at the trailer, then get a copy and enjoy this evening. w/c


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