What Day Is Today?

Veterans Day, Armistice Day, Remembrance Day

It Depends on Where You Live

On this day, November 11, in the year 1919, was observed the first Armistice Day on the grounds of Buckingham Palace. Not only does the date signify the day hostilities ceased on the Western Front, it also signifies the hour, eleven in the morning.

Armistice Day was the original designation for the day, until the conclusion of World War II. Then, to incorporate honoring those who fought in the greatest world war, nation’s adopted more inclusive names. In the United States, we observe Veterans Day (originally All Veterans Day); in the U.K. and Commonwealth Countries, it’s Remembrance Day. In France, Belgium, and Serbia, it remains Armistice Day.

While the purpose is to remember those who have died in war, we might also take a moment to think of it as a reason to avoid war. w/c


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