A Super Girl Saves Supergirl

Supergirl (CBS)

Unfortunately, Supergirl is the same old same old, familiar in the sense of The Flash and Arrow. The latter are two shows we thought would vanish after a year, but behold, they continue to run strong, marking us a some prescient forecasters of adult taste. Which is probably the issue, as these shows appeal to young adults, a status we reluctantly shed not a few years ago.

Fortunately, Supergirl has something, or more correctly, someone, going for it. Melissa Benoist. A pleasure to watch on the waning final seasons of Glee, here she is pure delight as the innocent, self-actualizing superhero. That she has a pronounced every girl look and demeanor, more adolescent than adult, not a little shy and self-effacing, slim in a fashionable way that plays counter to her inherent strength, these all add to her appeal, yielding a role model for self-discovering female youth. The other plus are the other performers, an attractive, skilled, and appealing lot.

Now, if the writing and plotting would just live up to the potential. It’s truly a shame that the creators couldn’t get beyond the really off-putting idea of the baddest badasses in the universe landing on earth to take their revenge on poor Supergirl, at the behest of her aunt, in retribution for a parent who tossed them in the celestial slammer while clipping the aunt’s aspirational wings. It’s going to be a long, long season.

But we’ll watch a couple of more episodes for the sake of Benoist and to see if things improve. w/c


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