The Inside-Out Woman: Your Thoughts

The Inside-Out Woman

We’d Appreciate Your Comments

Thanks for reading The Inside-Out Woman. Now, may we ask a favor?

Please comment on the novel. General comments are fine. Specific comments would be even better.

If you liked it, why? Was it the story, the characters, the psychological aspect, Iam’s internal struggle? Did any character standout for you and why?

What did you think of the cult? Did it bring to mind any cults you’ve read about? How did you like the religious treatment, both the Catholic Church and the cult church? What did you think of the cult leader; did he remind you of anyone?

How did you feel about the tone? Would you characterize the novel as realistic?

Any and all comments are appreciated, good, bad, and indifferent.

Finally, would you recommend the novel to friends? Have you recommended it?

Thanks for reading and visit this space for a new novel in the coming weeks. w/c


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