Happy Independence Day

Independence Day (1996, Emmerich)

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July, apart from over indulging in hot dogs, hamburgers, and beer, than watching Independence Day for the umpteenth time. While it’s proven pretty hard to obliterate Earth-bound alien enemies, wiping out a vast armada of aggressive outer space aliens armed with superior weapons is usually a cinch. And few disaster-alien invasion films provide more spectacle than this one.

Sure you can pick the logic of Independence Day apart, beginning with David Levinson, a guy working in a small cable operation, being the only person smart enough to detect a repeating countdown signal, and the guy who hatches the idea of feeding the bad aliens a computer virus that destroys their electronics.

Who cares? Nobody. In fact, this and other improbables (sweaters in a heat wave anyone?), add to the enjoyment, especially around the fifth viewing, or viewing with friends as cynical as yourself.

So, ice a case of PBR, gather friends and family around the 70-incher, and have a very Happy Fourth. w/c


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