Novel Serialization: Inside-Out Woman

Once a week (Mondays), you’ll find another chapter of a new novel, the Inside-Out Woman, here.

Please be aware that the material is copyrighted. However, we certainly would appreciate you sharing what you read, assuming you enjoy it, with others and by pointing them here. But, if you would, please keep your sharing to a few lines, or a summary of why you believe someone would find the novel interesting.

The Inside-Out Woman tells the story of a woman who finds a box of her personal and secret memorabilia under her young son’s bed, a box he discovered and removed from the basement, where she had hidden it years before. When she opens the box, she triggers memories, and especially the psyches of two individuals instrumental in her life. These two, a cult leader and her mentally ill but loving aunt, remind her of what she had fled as they wrestle each other for control of her mind, placing her, her young son and daughter, and and husband in mortal danger.

Thanks in advance for reading and for any comments you wish to share. c/w


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